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Want something custom???

Here's what you do:


1. Design and/or draw anything your rotten heart desires(shirts,pants,skirts,ect.), and submit the image to us via email.


2. With your design, provide a detailed list of supplies and measurements preferred. This description should include: Fabric type, Fabric color, Thread color, Various hardware, Waist, hip, and length desired.


3. We will look it over and calculate time and cost for the desired design(s), and write you with an estimated price.


Note that all customized items can take up to 1-3 months for completion and shipment. It may not take that long, but to be safe, we state this as our standard timeframe. If any questions/concerns regarding time frames, contact us at any time and we will be able to state how long it will take at the particular moment. This service also applies for wholesale inquiries. So if you are a retailer, and want something unique, THIS IS THE PLACE TO COME TO!!!

For examples of our custom designs and past works, see below for some of the most unique grotesque designs that will make your mamma gag!

Thanks! Message sent.

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