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About the Sick!

   SceneSick! Is  the grotesque creation of dastardly duo Chaunce and Ammie Dawes! Connecting at an early age, we went on to experience separately, the darkest trenches of life, only to re-emerge from this recession as one. With domination in mind, we plan to take over the alternative fashion scene, providing the most horrific in clothing, accessories, and all sights for sore eyes.  We strive to create all items unique in design, of highest quality, and from the depths of our soured souls!


    You can see our trash littered throughout the film and music industries. Here are a few, but not limited to: Mad Max: Fury Road, Total Recall (2012), Behemoth, Zardonic, Cradle of Filth, KMFDM, Mortiis, Front Line Assembly, Three days Grace (Transit to Venus tour), Suicide Commando,  and many many more! A more, in depth list, is available to those who are interested.


    If you are grinding your teeth to know just what we are all about, we urge you to JOIN US on Facebook for grotesque news, reviews, and updates about all things SICK!

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